Giacomo’s Gourmet Granola

Jim & Laurie Del Garbino, Partners


Hand Crafted Gourmet Granola

Sold by the pound in jars, (note: jars are not an option if product is shipped), bags or vacuum packed for long term storage. 3oz bags of granola may be ordered for functions or a quick snack. All of our granola is hand crafted using the finest ingredients. Our granola is slow roasted to bring out the natural flavors of the grains, seeds and nuts. Each type of granola contains oats, sunflower seeds and salt. All of our granola is wheat free and made with all natural products. We do not use corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Vegan? Try our Maine Vacation, Cherry Cordial, Orange Chai and New England Apple all are 100% vegan. We can ship your order via US Postal Service. New customers will receive free shipping on first order.

Bring the jar back for a $1.00 off your next purchase.

Descriptions and price:

Cocoa-Nut – peanuts, banana chips, cocoa powder, honey and vanilla.

$3.00 per 3oz Bag         $10.00 per Pound

New England Apple – almonds, apples, apple pie spices, apple syrup.

Our First Date – pecans, dates, cinnamon and honey.

Orange Chai – cashews, candied orange peel, chai spices and orange syrup.

Totally Nuts – almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, honey and vanilla.

Octoberfest – pecans, orange peel, stout syrup, butter and pumpkin pie spices

$3.00 per 3oz Bag         $11.00 per pound

Maine Vacation – almonds, blueberries, maple syrup and nutmeg.

Cherry Cordial – walnuts, cherries, maple syrup & 60% dark chocolate chips.

La Vita Dolce – filberts, figs, orange syrup, EVOO, cocoa and rosemary.

$3.00 per 3oz Bag         $12.00 per pound

To order:

508-826-8808 and 508-826-2133